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Why not choose a cleaning company that specializes only in healthcare cleaning. We can deliver the quality service that you expect in a commercial healthcare cleaning service contractor for your medical facility. A clean medical institution or office says a lot about you and your business. Call us toll-free 800-747-5870 to schedule an appointment for a free quote. Our cleaning team will bring you the value that you deserve at a price that you can afford. We can achieve the standards of cleanliness and appearance your medical facility requires and at a cost that makes sense.

With our service, you won't need to worry about supplies, equipment, employee training or the quality of maintenance your medical facility or office receives.


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Healthcare Cleaning

Our cleaning technicians are required to complete the necessary OSHA, HIPAA, infection control, bloodborne pathogen, operating room, and general medical office cleaning training program. Each new hire completes two weeks of classroom training and two weeks of supervised on-the-job training. The level of attention to detail and sanitary awareness has distinguished Klean-Rite Building Solutions among our clients.

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Dental Office Cleaning

Professional Dental office cleaning is the key to keep your visitors happy, stress-free, and confident of your services. With all of the risks that come with cleaning, and maintaining both inside and outside of a Dental office; the safest, most time efficient, and ultimately cheapest way to keep your practice up to health code regulations, is hiring a professional cleaning or janitorial maintenance company, like ours! We get the job done right, so you don’t have to, and we offer professional quality services, at affordable prices that can work with any practice’s budget, whether it be big or small.

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Office Cleaning

Every business is all for cutting expenses, but we go one step further. We believe that maintaining the highest standard of care for your office is not only essential, but it is our duty.

And so is passing on tips for saving money to our clients. Access to a staff dedicated to service, ongoing education, and exceeding expectations is just one of the benefits of working with Klean-Rite Building Solutions.

Did you know that many people will judge a company based on the cleanliness of their restroom or common areas? At Klean-Rite Building Solutions we realize this, and we help you make a great first impression.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Sweet! Because we have the answers.

"Thank you for your interest in Klean-Rite Building Solutions.

Our entire staff is committed to providing the very best healthcare cleaning service possible.

We look forward to the opportunity to deliver on our guarantee of excellence and allow you to experience first-hand the benefits of choosing our healthcare cleaning services. It is our goal to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them! Remember there are no contracts ever. "Our quality is our contract!"

How much does your cleaning service cost?

Pricing for cleaning services can vary depending on the size of your institution, the number of employees, days of service, square footage, etc. If your medical office is 5000 square feet or under, we charge by the hour, over 5000 square feet, we charge by the square footage. So essential general cleaning service for a frequency of once or twice per week, for a small office, could range from $170.00 to $250.00 per month, and again this could depend on other factors.

Other factors could include any special services you might require when we do a walk-through with you.

We like to be accurate in our proposals, and this is why we always do a walk-through with you. Don't ever trust a cleaning company that throws out figures over the phone.


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